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CodedCombat is a coding game for primarly for BeOS. CodedCombat is split into two diffent projects CodedCombat 3D and Code[d]Wombat. Code[d]Wombat is CodedCombat feature froozen at pre-alpha 0.9. Now you might be wondering why we renamed it, well CodedCombat started off as a port of Combat Zone too the BeOS. However we have got too a stage were we are quite happy with a port, it's still missing some vital parts, but the bits its missing are plug-ins and an editor. The base code of Code[d]Wombat will be completly frooze at CodedCombat pre-alpha 0.9, and moved into a codedwombat folder.

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HTML, N+ and Geocities

Yeah, thanks to jT we have webspace on, no more crappy banner. N+ is fun. It can not work out if the CodedCombat:home should be left or right aligned. Now, what do you think of the new look web site?

poo brown

Well, thats what angela called it ;) and suggested a colour scheme .