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First entry... (2000.10.30 13:43)
Finally... (2000.12.05 18:15)
And on and on... (2000.12.06 10:45)
Off for lunch and back again... (2000.12.06 12:10)
No HTML... (2000.12.08 10:10)
Plan update heaven/hell... (2000.12.08 14:25)
Not another novella... (2000.12.13 12:45)
I've actually done some work!! (2000.12.19 15:00)
Cripes! Only 4 days till christmas!! (2000.12.21 9:15)
Merry Christmas (2000.12.25 10:25)
Not sleeping (2000.12.27 1:30)
Arsing around on the web... (2000.12.29 16:30)
New Years day (2000.12.31 16:58)
Back at work (2001.01.04 10:10)
Damn taxi's! (2001.01.05 11:22)
All hail TED! (2001.01.08 13:03)
Late nights, but no weekend... (2001.01.09 09:21)
No comments.. sad :( (2001.01.11 15:02)
So near and yet so far... (2001.01.16 12:02)
Talk about speaking too soon! (2001.01.17 18:30)
My pants. (2001.01.18 17:13)
The aftermath... (2001:01:24 11:39)
Damn it! Another weekend... (2001:01:26 10:14)
More work to do then... (2001:01:29 13:41)
More Buffy & Angel. (2001:01:30 13:47)
In the BLACK!! (2001:02:01 12:44)
The ever popular .plan update! (2001:02:13 11:52)
God damn cutover weekends... (2001:02:19 13:29)
Big news... (2001:02:20 14:52)
OpenGL (2001:02:22 09:59)
Woo on-line plan updater... note I can't delete the 'test' entrys yet! (2001.03.09 14:58)
Nothing much happening (22/03/2001 15:26)
Woot! A plan update! (22/05/2001 09:56)
Well... what a fine mess this is. (11/06/2001 14:43)
2000.10.30 13:43 First entry...
I should point out the opinions expressed here are my personal opinions and in no way reflect the opinions or policy of Company-i. I have no idea of the standard format of one of these finger files - Mike's rather nifty cgi may expect all sorts of stuff... Well this is a plan file so I suppose I should introduce myself and give a little background to why I'm a part of this little team - just in case anyone ever reads this! My name is Chris - but it's MrChris to you! I'm a graduate Software Engineer, from Bradford University. At present I'm employed by an IT Consultancy called 'Company-i' in London (England) - but doubtless you'll hear more about that as the plan gets updated ;-) My 'area of expertise' is usually Java programming (and games playing), but given a need to learn C/C++ I joined Mike in developing this concept. I currently have one other 'released' bit of software, a DualHead enabler for use with Mark Watson's G400 driver for BeOS. It's not bad - if you ignore the one pixel mis-judgement on one of the images which I will fix one day! CodedCombat - or CodedWombat as it is now refered to would currently be nothing other than a few lines of code if it weren't for my constant pestering of Mike to do more work on it! And that's about the sum of my contribution to this project so far - pestering! I did submit a few changes but Mike ignored them!!! Not that I am in anyway bitter about it... GIT! My area of interest in CodedCombat when production really starts up, will hopefully be interface development as I love doing HCI work - yep I am a sadistic sod! Other than that I relish the thought of pestering Mike for a while longer. Hummmm.... looks like a reasonable introduction to me, if you have any questions/comments about anything mentioned here please feel free to e-mail me at: --MrChris
2000.12.05 18:15 Finally...
Woo! The perl site is finally live, after spending ages tracking down the problems we were having with permissions etc. Humm I wonder if slash n works...\n? Guess I'll find out when I upload this ;-) Anyway, I'm still in Staines (3 month project, going on 4, but that's not too bad if you ask me). I finally did some work on ccDesigner last weekend (amazing what getting so drunk your tonsils swell up to the size of tennis balls will do for your motivation). I hope to have a working version out next weekend, and then I can start working on actually getting the language worked out with Mike. Soon... Oh, and RobotWar arrived on BeBits the other day and tried to out wombat the wombat king! We'll have to see how this goes.. the question is: colaberate on a joint project 'RobotWombat'? or go head to head against each other (duplicates the effort but is much more motivating). Answers on a post card please... Till next time. MrChris
2000.12.06 10:45 And on and on...
So I'm working again... this sucks... I just configured another 2 solaris boxes (time consuming and not code related!). The boffins at work decided they wanted various bits and bobs removed from our output so that is being cleared up (couple of mins work remming lines of hard worked on code!). Ah well... Just been asked about a new project for Ci, they are wanting people with EJB skills and enterprise Java, so it should be good fun. I noticed the \n didn't work so I'm wondering now if HTML code works... ? You never know... Either way I'm looking forward to the web updater for this (more CGI or a Java applet?). I'm thinking actually that with the new web site we should perhaps take a moment to re-appraise the concept of CodedJombat (the Java applet version of CodedWombat), however I'm not keen to do it personally for time reasons - rather work on ccDesigner and getting the language up to speed. So anyway, I suppose I should do some more work - I'm enjoying having the cool plan thing far too much! Check back later for more pointless guff from me about things you don't care a jot about! Oh and check out at some stage, it's got some cool pictures. MrChris
2000.12.06 12:10 Off for lunch and back again...
Right I'm off for lunch now (HP-UX is a pain in the bottom if you ask me). However now I know HTML tags work I can actually make my plan look good! Or at least not quite so bad... I'll try after lunch - hence the title. Woo! We just got data from staines to another part of staines to northampton! And the control file came back to staines! This is great - if you ignore the fact that the northampton computer was sending manchester control files (we meant to - couldn't be arsed to configure the northampton machines specially (old hard coded variables, we'll remove them one day soon... honest guv'). Humm... now what.. I know let's pull the network cable out of these manchester boxes and see if we lose messages (we shouldn't - they get put in a funky ledger, but I'll belive that when I see it). MrChris
2000.12.08 10:10 No HTML...
Ok, so I was a bad boy and used HTML in my plan... but it worked, and I got line breaks etc where I wanted them! Ah well... I'll stick to normal text for now - at least till Mike writes a new parser that allows formatting of some kind (I want block text not, align right text!). Humph... just been through and removed all my HTML tags (that I can see). This plan is becomming more of a 'secret diary of consultant' so I'm thinking I might turn it into a book at some future stage - hey, it worked for Douglas Coupland... though his wasn't real... (I could appeal to all those millionaire rappers who like to 'keep it real', though they'd die in seconds if they went back to the ghetto's now). Ooops, personally opinions comming through... must watch that. Humm... I wonder if people actually read this... must ask Mike for a page hit counter somewhere (logged to a background file, none of these tacky on page things). damn, I thought of something then got distracted by the test team and completely lost my train of thought.
2000.12.08 14:25 Plan update heaven/hell...
I can't decide which it is... updating this plan is kind of like e-mail to me... I just can't get enough of it, such that I have to check/update it every so often, and now once a day at least (though I don't have an internet connection at home so I'll have to go cold turkey for the weekend). Speaking of which, this weekend will be fun - I got my extra 256MB Ram on wednesday and have installed that (went home that night ;), I also have a new table to build specially for my computer - not quite as cool as some I have seen, but infinately better than the bits of drift wood I'm using at the moment. Unfortuantely that means cleaning my room, which to coin a much over used phrase 'looks like a bomb's hit it' - which incidentally it doesn't and I'm sure people who's rooms have been hit by bombs would actually have been happy if the worst that happened was that a pair of pants ended up trailed over the remains of pizza and chips. Actually I may take the time to 'refactor' *key buzz word - apparently* my bedroom layout i.e. move the bed a bit. I'm certainly not aiming for the epic painting event we undertook a few weeks ago, during which we painted our front room in about 1 1/2 hours! Knackering as hell I don't mind telling you! And amongst all this chaos I have to dive through the ccDesigner code and fix a bunch of bugs before release AND go out on the piss and try to pull (and fail yet again)... you don't get much more jam packed than my weekends (mainly because I spend my life in Staines and now cherish my weekend like gold dust - what I wouldn't give to be back at Uni doing interesting stuff for myself rather than the money (though the money is nice ;) Speaking of which, testing is actually going well! We are getting bills all over the place (well the right places anyway). Now all I have to do is implement re-print and I should be allowed out of Staines by January - I'm sure Staines is a consultant pergatory, somewhere you go before they decide quite what to do with you! Oh yeah, and I just bought the Buffy DVD boxed set! Can't wait for that to arrive - just remembered, must sort out my expenses! Humm nearly 3:00... I can go soon.... just one more test.... *CRASH bang... oof! bugger... NO! DONT TOUCH THAT!!! Argh!!!!!!!*
2000.12.13 12:45 Not another novella...
Honest guv'! Actually I have noticed that the length of my entries versus Mikes are somewhat disparate, so I'll attempt to keep this one down by simply expressing my current hatred of C/C++! It sucks!!! And to make matters worse it sucks on Be too! I mean, it's actually not that bad, but the examples don't provide enough help (or more to the point I can't copy/paste them!). Either way ccDesigner is not going to be along any time soon - unless I have a major break through, which doesn't seem likely. I built the table by the way... it's very nice looking, but I had to dismantle my computer to put in place and I'm not sure when I'll be bothered to re-build it - actually that's a lie, the Buffy DVD's came on tuesday so I have the funniest feeling I'll have it built by Friday evening when I get back (I was slightly drunk Tuesday night and just wanted bed - as you do). Re-print is going well... I think... I'll tell you when I know for certain myself... other than that, things dont look so bad - I just booked Christmas week off work so that should be nice (and I grabbed 2 days over new year as well so I can get drunk and not have to worry!!! - I wonder what the boys from Bradford are doing this year...) Hummm... seems I have managed a mini-epic again anyway, much against my intentions I assure you. Oh well.. I'll leave you with this rather interesting question: Who decided gas should smell the way it does? MrChris
2000.12.19 15:00 I've actually done some work!!
On ccDesigner that is... the only problem being that the ZIP file I brought in came on the worst disk in the world! Hence it's corrupt and no use to anyone - oops! Anyway on the plus side this does mean there will be a copy of TED for BeOS soon!! And at last you can open a file into the same window (as opposed to texteditor that got around various problems by opening multiple windows). Now all I have to do is link this in with Mike's codebase - I'm hoping it's simply a case of passing the text in to a method and it will do the rest, but you can never be sure with Mike ;) On a seperate note, my old portable's screen smashed a while ago and I was dreading returning it to the company for fear of having to pay... anyway I finally got round to it and rather than shout at me, they simply gave me a new one... with integrated DVD, 256MB RAM and a 10GB harddisk!! This beast ROCKS!!! I watched MI2 for the first time last night with this box sat on my knee - it's fantastic!! I'll be bringing DVD's to work each week now I think... maybe even get a couple of those ones with 'multiple angles' to see how that works. Oh and the Buffy DVD's are cool... poor quality because of the tape they used for the first series, but great to watch nonetheless. MrChris
2000.12.21 9:15 Cripes! Only 4 days till christmas!!
Blimey! I hadn't realised it was that close. Ah well.. I get to go up to York on Sunday so I'm happy. On top of which coding is once again fun, so I'm really happy... I'm looking at SDL at the moment to see if I could work on a Raptor port for BeOS - apparently the create is open to it but doesn't want to do it himself. Then I'm thinking about other games I'd love to see ported... most of which are Team17 games! AlienBreed (1,2 & 3D), SuperFrog, ProjectX... Shame they never really had any hits on the PC - Slave Zero came close but didn't capture the imagination unfortunately :( Anyway that's on my .plan for next year, and just like political election promises I doubt any of them will be kept! Oh and at some stage we need to get some kind of CC forum up and running on this site (that doesn't require regestration at all!) the e-groups wont let you post without registering! I thought Mike was working on a forum thingy... oh no, sorry that was Alix in ADA wasn't it... well we'll never see that then ;) MrChris
2000.12.25 10:25 Merry Christmas
Well it's christmas and time for reflection (as ever). So what has this year brought then? A good job, a new flat (rented), BeOS5, a lot of DVD's... ummm... that's about it - sounds kind of ungrateful, but I honestly can't think of anything else! Oh well, maybe next year will be a bit more memorable (maybe). On the plus side Coded*ombat seems to have taken off (without much help from me, but I have some design ideas for CC that could be interesting). Odd though that this year has been rather dry in terms of games, we've seen 'The Sims' and 'Quake3' come and go with more of a thunk than a bang. There's been nothing overly memorable (CounterStrike was good, but a pain on anything less than a LAN). This year also saw Lucasarts hit an altime low with the derisory Force Commander - a game that should have been fantastic given the development time. Hardware wise we've seen 3DFX taken over by nVidia late this year, this was the year that processor speeds broke 1GHz in an almighty pissing contest between Intel and AMD, competition is good but supply of these marvels is still limited -damn them! On the pls side Be is soon to get a version of TED (TExt eDitor - don't ask!), the one program I seem to write over and over again - useful for refining techniques I find. Next year will be the year of graphics and OpenGL though - even if I do have to buy a new card to do it! Oh...time for christmas dinner, best dash.... catch up with you later, MrChris
2000.12.27 1:30 Not sleeping
Nuff said. MrChris
2000.12.29 16:30 Arsing around on the web...
I'm looking for various bits and pieces (a good -free- C/C++ compiler for windows being foremost). Also though I'm searching for less obvious stuff - letting the little boy in me play around a bit, things like 'Witchcraft', something I always wanted to know more about, and conspiracy theories (Area51 etc). Ok, I admit it, I've watched far too much Buffy and Independace Day this christmas, but it got me thinking, and hey it's not like I have much else to do! Thought for the day: There's more space between atoms than there are atoms in the universe... Hummm... really must get a decent printer for my machine at London - I have none and it's just dawned on me that there is plenty of space on the new desk (even with a computer, video machine and printer there would be ample room!) I NEED BROADBAND ACCESS AT HOME!!! This 56K modem is killing me!!! I can't open more than 2 windows without it giving up on me! Ah well... hummm just thought, I should have a demo copy of Borland Builder around here somewhere... I wonder if that will help me at all - I'm trying to pickup SDL (and get my C/C++ skills a bit more in shape). Oh and as if that wasn't everything, I've just looked at GameSpots top 15 games and I've got to page 8 and so far no mention of Civilisation anywhere!!! Are these people insane? Lara blinking Croft got in at 7! And where's Dune2 or Settlers? Well ok, maybe settlers didn't create a genre, but it deserved better recognition and Populous, where the hells that! These folks need taking out and stringing up by their heels! Pah! Now I'm in a bad mood, time to go make some lists - a real top '15 Most Influential' games list and a 'Things I want to have before the year is out' list - hey it's New Years soon, we all have to have goals to miss! ;) MrChris
2000.12.31 16:58 New Years day
It's new years and I'm stuck in York! I was supposed to go see the guys in Bradford but as ever the weather conspired against me - damn it! On top of which the lads in York are all off to derby tonight so I'm spending New Years in front of the TV. Damn the fact that this box doesn't have a driver for BeOS (working in VESA is really painful - too painful!). Ah well... on the plus side I have now released a preliminary version of ccDesigner (which only has TED functionality ATM) on to the CodedWombat site - find it under 'source'. If someone could please tell me why file writing always returns !B-OK I'd be very grateful (I'm sure it's simple). On the plus side I've been looking through the SDL library and it really does look remarkably simple, so I'll have a go at something interesting when I get back to London. Hummm, yep thats all I had to say for the moment... later, MrChris
2001.01.04 10:10 Back at work
Well the holidays are over and I'm back working away in sunny old Staines... ah well. On the plus side things are going well so it's not a big calamity - we are ahead of ourselves in terms of performace by a factor of (nearly) 3! The ccDesigner problem might be related to my not allocating 1 extra byte - damn it! I haven't had a chance to test it yet though so I don't know for sure. Once that is out of the way and loading/saving are 'in the bag' so to speak, I'll sit down and look through what needs to be done to integrate it with the ROBOL code - is this a library I can link to yet? Either way I'm going to pull all compiler related stuff from ccDesigner and release a BeOS version of TED when it's sorted. I'm looking forward to that, though I'm not sure if it will be worth releasing to BeBits ;) I have spent far too long playing CallToPower2 this week as well - the diplomacy aspect is really advanced, and I like the ability to see where you borders are - now I know I'm invading someone! The other game I should recommend to anyone reading this is SuddenStrike. As ever this hasn't had enough press to be well known, but the gameplay is cool and the graphics are amazing (well ignoring the animation on the infantry but they are small and fiddly so I'll let them off). I also got Star Trek:Voyager:Elite Force at the same time and it just confirmed my opinion of the Quake3 engine - great for DM but dont try implementing single player stuff in it cause it sucks, shame, the story seems quite good. Ah well... Update later... MrChris
2001.01.05 11:22 Damn taxi's!
I didn't get in to work today till 10 because the damn taxi's were playing silly buggers. Ah well, I got to watch the 'Big Breakfast' which is mildly amusing I suppose. But what really got my back up the other night was CallToPower2, there is so much functionality missing! I've only just noticed, there is no way to zoom in to your city and manipulate which tiles people are on, or even to view your city close up - if I'm building these buildings I'd like to see them! Hell Civ1 had this in DOS! Also I can't figure out how to get an ally to go to war with me against someone else... it's the one diplomacy change I don't like. Oh back home this evening... can do some work on ccDesigner - actually implement the changes people have suggested! Look for a BeBits release on Monday! Erm what else.... on yeah my landlord is still away for Christmas! Cheeky git! I want that length of holiday! Mind you he does have to deal with 'little people' all day so alls fair ;) I have to go do some more work, I'll update later, maybe... MrChris *Addendum* Mike - not only do I read your plan I check for updates regularly - it's my half hourly bit of fun! Oh and we need a plan archive system, your header list is huge!
2001.01.08 13:03 All hail TED!
Well it's finally here! A couple of firsts for me: 1) First from scratch BeOS / C/C++ piece of code (DualHeadSetup was a modification of Wato's code). b) The first release of TED on BeOS! Both note worthy achievements I'm sure you'll agree. The download for TED is the still in the 'source' list although a binary is included. It still has ccDesigner plastered all over it but I'll remove that later. For those of you with a sadistic streak looking at the source code should be fairly interesting - if you can understand my logic in the save/saveas structure please feel free to let me know! Anyway, this is the skeleton done now. Time to integrate this with Mikes ROBOL language - hopefully just a couple of nice library calls... ? Time will tell. Enjoy, MrChris
2001.01.09 09:21 Late nights, but no weekend...
Well it was touch and go for a while back there, looked like I was going to have to give up my weekend for the project and come in for testing. Luckily Mathew wanted it so I can stand down - mind I'd have liked the over time. And way I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the first draft of the CC documentation now, Mike is even planning on using CVS which will be interesting - took me weeks to get used to it when we rolled it out here (too much of a megalomaniac obviously). Only problem is my continuing lack of internet connection in London at weekend (when most work gets done). It will probably be a fight to see who gets the lock for a weekend ;) And then I have the problem of actually working on it - this portable will vanish at the end of January - must remember to blank the HD before handing it back ;) But that limits me to transfering things around by floppy - good grief!
2001.01.11 15:02 No comments.. sad :(
Well nobody has commented on the current version of my flagship product TED yet. I am as the title indicates, somewhat saddened by this. Scary thing thoughwas that I went out last night, got drunk and woke up at 5am thinking of a cool way to integrate CW with CWDesigner.
2001.01.16 12:02 So near and yet so far...
Excerpt from an E-mail from Ed: 'And I've yet to see anyone who has weirder coding comments than MrChris, maybe someone should write a language that compiles the comments instead of the code :->' Is this offensive? I can't quite make up my mind. Although I'm erring on the side of observent and funny so I'll let him off and not sue for millions in psychological damages (count yourself luck Ed!). Well sod all was done this weekend, I spent the sum total of it either sleeping or cleaning - they made me clean the bathroom mummy!!! Bastards! Oh and I watched the last half of season 2 of Buffy again, I'd forgotten how cool it was. Can't wait for Feb14 and box set of season 5 (last half), and when is season 2/3/4/5 coming to DVD!? I want portable buffy! Woah!! Enough Buffy! So anyway what does this week bring to me then... well for the first time in a long time I'm actually anticipating finishing this month 'in the black' how cool is that! So as most recent students suddenly in a position of money would do, I'm planning what to spend it on... but I can't think of much at the moment (all I want is more expensive than I will have - except maybe a digital camera... hummm... but I'd want one with lots of storage space - flash RAM being too expensive. A microdrive 1GB HD would be good... where to get one from cheaply... hummm... Ah well, whilst I ponder this you guys go and take the mickey out of my plan some more.
2001.01.17 18:30 Talk about speaking too soon!
So I'm working this weekend then... and I'm meeting Mike to go to some BeOS user group thingy (Sounds like alcoholics anonymous to me). So I essentially get Friday/Saturday to myself (sort of) and then I have to work 10 till 4 on Sunday... I better get well paid after this! The worst part of it being though that they only want me to break things for them, and to over see them breaking stuff - kind of figured that was easy to do, but they don't want to actually pull network cables out ;) Well I'll be damned if I'm sticking around too long on Friday then, I want to go home and... tidy? Well I suppose I have to if Mike is coming down. Ah well. We'll see how it goes - have to try and prove they don't need me, hell maybe actually get them to understand the system... NAH they havent managed it so far, what hope have I got!
2001.01.18 17:13 My pants.
I'm having real trouble stopping my pants from riding up my arse. If anyone has a long term solution to this problem please send me an e-mail ASAP (fiddling with your arse at work doesn't look good and only attracts the wrong kind of friendly old men over)!
2001:01:24 11:39 The aftermath...
Well it was good seeing Mike this weekend, we certainly had a good laugh - and I got to play network games again! The UKBug was a great laugh - I'm shocked the Microsoft hat survived. Somehow I don't remember much of that day, I was knackered after staying up all Friday then travelling out to Guilford. At least one or two things were seen that gave me a little funny feeling in my tummy. There are some really cool things coming for BeOS, just stick it out a few months (two years for somethings but you can't have everything). But at least we all left with a more 'inspired' feeling (and I know a lot of code got written in a fit of good moodedness). I'm also looking forward to the next meeting which looks like being more of a coding party than a meeting per-se. Not sure I will be much help, but I'd like to give it a shot. So what can I tell the single reader of this log then... well, I know that certain driver I have an affiliation with has since gained TV-Out support and had several dodgy single headed modes fixed... now I have to design a good bit of HCI for the interface, could be an interesting weekend. I think a certain SDL interested person may be looking at a Raptor port for BeOS (always good). I myself am currently quite interested in finishing ccDesigner and getting down to work properly on the documentation for CodedCombat - I have several ideas for implementation that I think would be cool, but first we need to get CVS working properly etc. On a personal note I'm now thinking about doing something dangerously pro-active in my hunt for a female companion... going out... maybe. Actually this is a subject I haven't really touched on here yet, but with Mike kindly raised this weekend. I really need female companionship at the moment because of this though. It's awkward when your friends have 'perfect' relationships - makes me want to kill most of them! So anyway, I'm going to do stuff at weekends and be a bit more pro-active... any suggestions on what I should do exactly? - I'm thinking aimlessly wandering around London probably isn't the best plan in the world. Anyway I'll let you know how things progress later.. MrChris
2001:01:26 10:14 Damn it! Another weekend...
Looks like this weekend is going to be another working weekend. But at least there shouldn't be too many problems... last words of a doomed man. Yesterday was 'fun' in a very un-fun way, threads and processes were detatching themselves from the JVM at work and have a little play in the heap before deciding come back to the party and crash all our processes... great fun to debug. So this weekends journey into the unknown is going to be somewhat forestalled. On the other hand I do get paid for it so I can't complain - much. ccDesigner should get a little work done on it this evening (provided nobody wants to go out and get beer!), oh and I have to update DualHeadSetup as well to accomodate certain new features that might be released this weekend. Oh and I might find something fun to do as well... don't kno what but I'll doubtless find something (wonder if... oh! Buffy repeats! - damn it I have so little life...) MrChris <-- Now somewhat depressed.
2001:01:29 13:41 More work to do then...
Well there's still no sign of the doc's in CVS yet (hope Mike hasn't forgotton!). Sunday was interesting - got in, went to lunch, worked through till 5 then went home. Sorry did I say interesting in that sentance, I meant DULL AS HELL! But on the plus side I do now have a project to be getting on with - Mark released the G400 driver over the weekend with added TV-Out support, he put together a rough and ready version of DualHeadSetup that didn't include any fancy bits - I was somewhat disapointed, but it does mean I know have something to do - add fancy bits ;) Actually I may let his version stand for a while whilst I setup a better version that could act as a 'Screen' replacement - I have this cool idea about using screen shots of a users own desktop for the images in the monitors... could be fun (wonder how many people would notice). The only trouble then becomes configuring workspaces in a simple HCI manner... I'll give it some thought. MrChris
2001:01:30 13:47 More Buffy & Angel.
So I was bored and pre-ordered the new box sets. What of it... eh! Even having spent that I'm still in a reasonable position come the end of the month. So I throw the question to the floor: Which monitor should I buy? Now I'm looking for something in the 19" range, preferably with a high 1000x1000 max res (or a low 2000x2000), with a price range around 400ukp. Any ideas? I HATE VESA mode! I can only run BeOS in crappy VESA or black and white at the moment. It sucks! Admittedly I don't need full colour modes to do simple development, but my screen fonts look terriable! Bring back the shitty DELL boxes! They didn't have DVD or P3's but they at least had decent graphics chips (and they ran cooler - I could heat a small house off this thing!). Oh, question for the more technically minded amonst you - is there a way to extend monitor cable without it distorting beyond watchable bounds? In particular I'm looking for about 20 meters extension... you can do this with audio by using gold plated plugs etc. Is there a similar thing for monitor output? If that doesn't work can I get usable video out of VNC over a 1MB link do you recon? I'm wary 10MB maybe, 100MB certainly, 1MB? Actually, what is my link speed... humm, have to check that (damn hubs!) Later peeps... MrChris
2001:02:01 12:44 In the BLACK!!
Woo! I'm finally in the black a substantial ammount (300ukp!) and that's ignoring the expenses I haven't submitted (200ukp approx) and the money Mike owes me from the Bug visit (somewhere around 50ukp I think - whole weekend came to 150ukp so I could have been much better off WOO!). To celebrate this joyous occasion I'm selling stuff! I figured it was about time I got rid of my dual celeron box and went up to FCPGA P3's (in the 1Ghz range!), oh and that RAM I bought the other week... selling that too (3 sticks of 128MB RAM). I have every intention of going for 3 256MB sticks for the new box (i.e. max it out!) I'm not sure about upgrading the graphics card or not though... might stick with TNT2 for a while longer. Now for the OR... I could build this new box and put the old one in my wardrobe and use it as a server for streaming stuff (MP3's, video, hell even data!) Actually that would be kinda cool, if I could set up a system for playing DVD's that would transmit the DVD data over the network for playing locally -streaming DVD's.. humm sounds like VideoLan... have to look into that. Ha! Just looked at some of the code for DualHeadSetup - the comments are hilarious in retrospect. I think what I'll do is use the 'default window app' I created when writing ccDesigner to start a whole new code base for DualHeadSetup, hopefully moving twiddly bits like helper windows into a sperate class (which I'd wanted to do ages ago but couldn't because of the architecture and the need to get something released quickly). Oh and does anyone (who am I trying to kid, only myself and Mike read this!), have any suggestions for the HCI of the new system? I have some ideas, but am open to comments. Later... MrChris
2001:02:13 11:52 The ever popular .plan update!
Well, it's been a while now since my last update, so I felt I should fill in some of the gaps in what has been going on in the life of 'MrChris - the fantastic adventurer' or summit. Actually there has been a fair amount of cool stuff happening so like all good story tellers I'll start at the begining and work forwards quickly. The month started well - in the black! But as with all things that soon changed (paid my rent, bought a new suit and some shirts - really nice by the way!). Then an old friend from UNI popped down to sunny Staines, which livened my week up considerably - amazing what a goodlooking broad can do ;) I spent the weekend 'bonding' with my flat mate, which to her meant cleaning the kitchen and bathroom... for some reason she found the weekend 'very relaxing', not a term I'd use, there really are tangiable differences between men and women. Oh I went to see 'What women want' at the cinema with Alia... I thought it was good even if she was a bit reserved about it - but then I go for soppy romances etc. Had an embarrasing moment when my driving instructor told me I had run out of pre-pay lessons (at the end of a 2 hour lesson), leaving me stuck for cash to pay him with! BAH! Oh and I had a REALLY old version of CodedWombat on my box this weekend that seriously buggered up development of ccDesigner. Having said that I picked up the wrong floppy this morning so I can't tell you why it was knackered... might take this baby back to my B&B and do some work this evening. Oh and in respose to the 'how's the girlfriend hunt going' e-mails here's a quick status update: 0 Attempts make. 0 Responses garnered. 1 Annoyed MrChris. Billions of relieved young women ;) MrChris
2001:02:19 13:29 God damn cutover weekends...
So here's the deal... I work my butt off for the past few weeks (16 hour day on Valentines day - still no hope on the woman front ;) ), we get all the way to a cut-over weekend where our stuff performs fantastically - 3.5Million pounds worth of bills processed in an hour and a half... (1/3 the time taken for the old system to process fewer bills!). Anyway, it's going fine, our section runs great, but all of a sudden - BANG! The transfer of the bill files from our system to the main print spooler falls over... damn gateway had been hard coded to expect bills up to 24K, so the first 25K bill we got tripped the whole thing up! Not too bad till you consider the same problem affected the live system not 5 weeks ago and they updated that to accept a 32K buffer... GARGH!!! So I got Sunday off, which was just as well because I was knackered! So it didn't go in... which means I'm stuck in Staines for another 3 weeks or so. Ah well... at least the really tough stuff is out of the way now - I hope! ccDesigner won't link against the libraries I have, so I've uploaded a version for Mike to take a look at and debug for me - if he can find the problem we may get a release soon... then I can go through and tidy up the code - it really needs it! Oh I saw the movie pre-view of Black and White the other day and it looks cool! Another hit game for Mr Moleneux(sp) no doubt... So generally a slow few days for myself... how about you guys? Answers on an e-postcard (do they exist?) to - I need the mail! MrChris
2001:02:20 14:52 Big news...
Coming soon... check the news pages regularly people... wouldn't want you to miss it ;) MrChris Oh... alright, it was crap. But hey, at least if we move again people will be able to find us (seamless web re-direct!! - Hell, might even consider web space on if we ever need to move).
2001:02:22 09:59 OpenGL
Seems Mike and myself both had the same idea! I started looking at OpenGL last night with a view to trying some stuff this weekend. I'm also going to be looking at SDL to do the niggly things (setting up screens etc). I was reading the documentation the other night and it looks as if this would take a lot of annoyances away. We really need to start considering which toolkits we will use for CC, and doing some evaluation this weekend would be good (Graphics and Sounds). My suggestions so far are SDL for graphics (with OpenGL obviously). And... well I have no idea about sounds under BeOS at the moment, I have heard MIDAS is a good MOD player, but I'd guess we would use MP3's for music... hell Be's own API might be good enough for this... Other than that I'm looking forward to the weekend - hopefully I'll have one this time! MrChris : 2001.03.07 15:26 Test This is a test.
2001.03.09 14:58 Woo on-line plan updater... note I can't delete the 'test' entrys yet!
Thank you Mike for sorting out an on-line updater - I have lost FTP and TELNET access from work - gits! Anyway I'm looking forward to using this interface once it's been beefed up a bit - the entry area needs expanding so I can see more of what I've written. Oh and I'd like a system whereby I can edit old entrys as well... hack would be to load the old file into this textarea and then save the whole thing back when edits were done - but be sure to have an 'Are you sure' box! Anyway, what have I done since last writting... not much really, I've done a bit of work for the National Grid which was fun, looked at debugging some JavaScript for Yahoo Italy and put myself forward for several positions requiring Java Developers (whoopie!). Oh and I'm reading a big book about JavaServer pages as well which is interesting (does this server support them? If so the next version of this tool is mine!). Oh I got no response from Mike about linking ccDesigner so I can only assume it doesn't work for some gadforsaken reason - bugger! Hummm what else... nope, can't think of anything... later. MrChris
22/03/2001 15:26 Nothing much happening
Well I think the title says it all really, there's nothing much going on around here. We now have a voting script which is nice - I'll have to find out how to administer that so we can have some fun polls. You know, I never thought I'd say this but I miss Staines! At least there I could get up at 8 and be at work in half an hour, now I'm up at 6:30 and on a train for an hour... not fun! I still haven't got out of the late nights thing either so I'm really burning the candle at both ends which as I'm sure you'll all agree is not a good idea (mainly because I'm shattered!). On top of it all the only thing I have to do at the moment is deploy this damned applet that wants to read from an LDAP server... like it has a hope in hell! I'm going to need to get it digitally signed and all sorts... BAH! I've done surprisingly little BeOS work this month so far - actually that's not so surprising really given that all I want to do these days when I get back is sleep. I never do though - always seem to end up watching TV till god knows when! Later, MrChrzzzzzzz
22/05/2001 09:56 Woot! A plan update!
Let's see, what have I done since the last update... - quick read of last entry later... Oh so I've moved on from writing crappy LDAP stuff... yeah, now I write crappy JDBC stuff and the odd servlet. Actually, it's not that bad. There's a lot to be said for servlets, as they allow you to do a lot more on a server than an applet or JSP will. They are on a par with Perl, but without all that Regular Expressions crap. How's work going on BeOS... well I'm considering installing Debian linux if that gives you any ideas. It's not that I don't want to use BeOS, it's just that it's looking more and more pointless to do so. Having said that, we are now looking into porting a game some people might remember called Raptor. I've been speaking to the developer on ICQ for a while and once he get's the server with the source code on it up and running we should be able to start work. -- I've probably jinxed the whole enterprise now, but there you go. Coded(C/W)ombat wise, we haven't seen much movement recently. The document that's in CVS is up to date, but we haven't moved forward with any plans. A big problem here is that we are both still new at this whole OpenGL and game writing in general thing. So I exspect it will take some time. Even if we manage to cure the apathy that seems to have overtaken us lately at BeOS's future. Ah well... I'm going to post this and see if it looks right this time.... -- MrChris
11/06/2001 14:43 Well... what a fine mess this is.
Ok, so here's the deal. I'm out at a client site, under the auspices of doing some JSP work for them on behalf of another company (I love consulting). The only trouble is that I've done very little (read 'hello world') JSP work before. This shouldn't be a big problem though - JSP is essentially just a crap way of writing servlets and I'm good at them. But (there's always a but...), the system I'm supposed to be writing for is broken today so I can't test anything! Let alone the fact that I can't understand the guy I have to work with - he has a very thick indian accent which means I'm having to ask him to repeat himself more often than is normally polite. On the plus side, these people haven't heard of firewalls, so I can update this .plan and clean it up a bit after the disaster that the on-line updater made of it! Ok, I hate this now... I'm not sure how much longer I can go without getting to test this!!! It's a bigger pain than you'd believe. -- MrChris - a man who had a great weekend with a cute girl this weekend and isn't going to tell you anything about it - not even in a .plan update! :)