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Which feature of Code[d]Wombat would you like to see next?

Multi-Platform (0)
Better graphics (0)
Improved aboutbox (0)
Intergrated Editor (0)
Networkable (0)
Live debugger (0)
More add-ons (0)
All of the above (0)
All of the above, minus Multi-Platform (0)
None (develop CodedCombat dam you) (0)

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I've started up the Greek version, and the text is all screwed up...

Load the Menu prefs app (look in the desk bar under "Preferences" now select a diffent font. I don't think any of the default fonts that come with BeOS support Greek, but however the ones with some alt oses do, so nick 'em.

I can't read the 733t version? And I've 7334!!

Nore can I, and go get a life, you sad git!

OK, I still do not get CodedCombat/Wombat thing?

CodedCombat 3D is a 3D coding game, and we hope that it will be cool. CodedCombat pre-alpha 0.x is a 2D game, which will be renamed to CodedWombat. CodedWombat is feature frooze, and will not change. CodedCombat will change, lots but however unlike the developemnt cycle of CodedWombat, CodedCombat will be designed fully first. (we hope)