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Planed Cut (18.02.2001 14:26)
Waist of time (22.02.2001 11:21)
How much fun can you handle? (22.02.2001 12:31)
Sleep (22.02.2001 14:28)
Done nothing in the last hour. (22.02.2001 15:30)
Woo.. soo little point in comming in (23.02.2001 11:35)
Snow, Tax & Pay (28.02.2001 09:12)
It seems to be glTranslatef... (28.02.2001 12:51)
Love, Lag and Lazyness (2001.03.07 12:37)
Voting works. (2001.03.07 22:19)
i hate primarie (2001.03.08 14:27)
"Hi, I'd like a email address which will forward the email to a list (2001.03.20 16:41)
test (2001.03.20 17:03)
sleep (22.03.2001 16:10)
Sorry about the lack of updates (2001.04.08 16:06)
Arggg! (23.04.2001 15:19)
my computer is back up and running (24.Apr.2001 10:14)
Hmm... going well... (30.April.2001 14:37)
I just don't get... (warning UK political rant, prob not all that long thou.) (30.April.2001 14:46)
So what have I been up to? (10:31 17.05.2001)
Political Msg From mlk (10:57 17.05.2001)
Woo… I did something really daft! (24.May.2001 11:07)
18.02.2001 14:26 Planed Cut
Yeap, if you want to read my old entrys take a look in mike.tgz. This is all my old .plan (alas a pre-spell checked version. But hey :) Now what am I working on at the moment? Err not much :) Trying to get my sites up to date, and looking into something which could be quite cool :)
22.02.2001 11:21 Waist of time
I should not of bothered coming in today. So far i've printed out two documents, and done a little 'copy & paste' programing. i've got a GL cude to spin on my screen. Woohoo :) It does not 'look' right, but hey (the perspective is wrong). All the work i'm doing at the moment is under windows (BOO!) but i'm only using GLUT so it _should_ just work under BeOS, assuming BeOS has Glut. r4.5 had Glut, so r5 should get it soon after BeOGL is realsed. Woo, some almost real work. Order some RJ45 network cable. Ahh the fun, while on I'll also take a look at the price of a G500 & ATi Radion. OK, now thats done, I'll try to work out the examples on "Jeff Molofee's OpenGL Windows Tutorials" taking into account I want to aviod all windows stuff to make it as xp as possable. Maplin has discontiued all the graphics cards... Hmm. My bosses have came out of there meeting, so I can't just run OGL apps, and they are not giving me any work to do. It's quite depressing, and very boring. I've came to the concusion I need to buy a hole new computer. The only bits that are really savagable is the case, DVD drive floppy drive, and maybe the sound card (it's ISA). This means I can quite quickly set up a dedicated Windows/AOL box. Running a copy VNC, AOL and a proxy server. I'd like that :) My main box could then be a dedicated BeOS box, woohoo :) I think I'll have to wait for VideoLAN to impove a little bit. MrChris has finally shown us all a new level of sadness for us all to aspirer too. Anyway, back the glut.
22.02.2001 12:31 How much fun can you handle?
A hour of OCR'ing a document? Ohh YEAH! The FUN! grrrr.....
22.02.2001 14:28 Sleep
I need a sleeping smily, something to drink, a hour sleep and a new job. One where I don't do any work, and get to sleep lots. Or one where I have some work to do. You know, an INTRESTING task to complete. One of them challange things. Ohh, remembered some none-CC related coding news. I wrote a keyboard-shortcuts program last night, so I can just hit 'ctrl+n' and the currently active window 'Minimize's. Next I'm going to move it into it's own InputServerFilter (it's currently a application attached to 'SpicyKeys'). When I have that done, I'll move on to making it have 'Zoom' and maybe 'Maximize' and 'Blind'. Once I have the basics done, I also want to include 'move' and 'resize', which will have a 'hotkey' (say 'ctrl' 'space' for move) then will use the directional keys for the movement when any none-directional key is pressed it will drop out of 'move' mode and return to normal. However this is only a part time app. So if it ever gets past the 'InputServerFilter' stage I will be surprised.
22.02.2001 15:30 Done nothing in the last hour.
This is really crap.
23.02.2001 11:35 Woo.. soo little point in comming in
Hmm, which tool kits to use? MrChris liked this SDL thing (not used yet). I'm tempted to stay 'pure' and use GLUT and OpenAL or using G! Portable, and well defined standards. But then G! is not yet 'complete', GLUT (like OGL) is C based, and I dont know OAL. I think MrChris and I should play with each of the tool kits. Does SDL use the new OpenGL? If not, I don't really fancy using it, unless we fix it to use the new GL kit. But then again using it would mean we could release betas before the new OpenGL is released. We could just use Be's API. Creating a OpenGL window is not hard under BeOS (it's pritty much the same as any other window under BeOS. The only real diffrent is adding some StartupGL(B_SOFTTWARE) stuff, err adding some code to alow the user to select something other that B_SOFTWARE would be good :) Needless to say, I did no coding last night, I was on the web for a bit, then watched some TV, though 'My god buffy is really crap' then realsed what was going on, and though, 'wow that was really quite cool'. Hmm what else to say. Hmm nothing really. I'll post again next time I'm board.
28.02.2001 09:12 Snow, Tax & Pay
It's snowing today. Should of stayed at home Just under 400 pounds tax bill. Unhappy bunny. Should be paied soon, yeah some cash (I have NONE at the mo) I'm finally working out OGL. I have my very own spinning OGL teapot, which can spin both ways. OK a lot of it is a copy & paste code, but I'm happy with it and I'm learning the basics of OGL (currently using GLUT for window managment, threads and the drawing of teapots) I'm still lost in some points, (I guess thats expected, I've only got half way through the second chapter), like does glRotatef rotate the 'world', the 'camera' or next object? My guess is the next object(s), i.e. its a state. Plus how do you move stuff in 3D space, err to put that anougher way, how do I move the pen? Or am I just missing some params to glutWireTeapot?
28.02.2001 12:51 It seems to be glTranslatef...
But I have just guessed this :) and glRotatef does just rotate the objects. A super-sized milkshake is TOO big... It's 0.8L! ACK! I feel quite ill now, my body was not maded for that much watery paper. I'm very happy with myself. I've got a cool teapot which zooms in and out. The only real problem is that I don't quite know whats zooming in and out, my 'eye', or the teapot? and does it really matter? Is there a diffrence? Arg, this is as bad as the tree problem! (no1 to hear it fall, so does it make a sound?) Does it matter if you are going to an object, or the object is going to you, when you and the object are the only things to exist? I suppose it does, as I'd pref not to move, but then I'm lazyer than most. Ack, I wish I had an intresting job. This one is a bit poo. However this could be "The Begining Of The End", as I've been asked to write a "Simple User Manual" for all the programs, and common tasks I do here a PROFIT. So, I might be let go soon... ?Yeah? Hmm... looked at the above, and thought of Father Ted. "Far away, Small. Far Away, small..." "Nope, still don't get it." That was funny... Losses something in translation thou. Instead of working, I think I'm going to give 'writing a simple glut program from scrach' a go. This could be intresting! Yuck, paper! McD's milkshakes are vial, why do I still keep buying 'em?
2001.03.07 12:37 Love, Lag and Lazyness
I think that desribes me. Well my life, or something. :) I really would LOVE to get a new job. Something fun. One when the highlight of my day is not either writing a .plan entry or getting an email on the lines of 'x has replyed to your post' or "I've updated my .plan". Lazy, me down to a t. I just can't be arsed to do anything code related I get home, turn on the tele, watch BBC2 for an hour or so and then play halflife. The lag on halflife seems to be getting worse... Well actual thats not true, the connection during halflife just drops, and the game ends it's very poo. I'm also just gernarly way to lazy, I've got two "mini-projects" in my todo list which are WAY out of date. My personal todo list has four entrys I should of done either last week, or before I bought my Revo! Then there is my plan to excersize regually. My revo bleeps at me at 19:30 each day, and I either 'snooze' it into obvion, ignore it or not hear it :( What else to say.. Hmm, killed CodedWombat a little bit more (no longer runs, comilains about 'Lock Looper Before Using', so I lock & unlock the looper, and it does not display any windows :( bahh And a computer here has died, and i've been told that downloading a service pack will fix it, some how I dought it, but then I hope it does as I hate being called across to reboot a computer. I've not had the time at work to do work on gl. I would like too, but I have to work at the moment.
2001.03.07 22:19 Voting works.
It's untested, but it works. Its based on AlixScript, a voting toy I wrote a long time ago. Have fun with it, abuse it, ohh and 'stuff' it. Some other small improvements in the back end have been added. Anyway, must go round angelas (my g/f's) I did not realise it was so late!
2001.03.08 14:27 i hate primarie
Its shitter than a pile of shit. it is horridly unstable. crash crash crash goes the windows box. I did a little work on CodedWombat last night, before I got board, went onto the internet, and downloaded some BeOS toys (played h/l, & perl scripting). It no longer crashes on start up, and the BLooper problem has been fixed. Some quircks in the BeOS API's, I've worked around 'em. Hmmm, "It's untested, but it works." Controdiction maybe... I'll rephrase, "It's undergoing a live beta testing stage". I also exerised last night... And I feel so much more healthy for doing so :) Did not pay the bill thou. Must do tonight/tomorrow! Hmm what else to say, I really should be working atm... I have to go, I don't want to thou. I would like to sit here an tap happly, even better, I go home and tap in a BeIDE window.
2001.03.20 16:41 "Hi, I'd like a email address which will forward the email to a list
Ahh you want a list then Nope, I don't want it to get out of control. Bah, I give up.
2001.03.20 17:03 test
I'm sooo very board. I've got something fun to do, but I'm still board!
22.03.2001 16:10 sleep
I want to sleep. I was up til late last night + the night before...
2001.04.08 16:06 Sorry about the lack of updates
I've had a lot on at work, and I've been very lazy at home (dam Elite :) I got turned down for a job yesterday. I need to write a CD (not that I can be arsed to atm). I'm worried about the future of BeOS, and don't know if I can be bothered to work on CC or CW at the moment. I'm worried about finding a job for next year, plus I don't want to be working 12/7 like some most people seem to end up doing. Hmm, don't know what to do.
23.04.2001 15:19 Arggg!
My PC died yesterday! I'm a unhappy bunny rabbit... I would write a longer .plan entry, on how development has pritty muched stopped, but I can't be arsed, which is the same reason dev work has stopped... Tonight I'm going to install BeOS (again), the dev tools, QNX & AtheOS... They might be a QNX & AtheOS versions of CodedWombat coming out soon... This might take some time, as CodedWombat does relay on a lot of BeOS only stuff, however I want to rework a big section of it (the drawing section). The problem is can I be bothered to do it... I hope so! mlk
24.Apr.2001 10:14 my computer is back up and running
I'm still downloading BeOS and the development tools, but Win95 is running fine. And I have a copy of QNX to play with, but I’ve not yet booted into it. Bah it’s now 11:35, I’m hungry, and I’ve got some work to do… 12o clock, hmm mc d’s ... well some fries cold ones at that :( I’m still hungry, and I fell ill! Well, hung-over maybe... Wee… Just got my self a dynamic host at… Sugar.. must go and do some work…. I still fell ill!
30.April.2001 14:37 Hmm... going well...
I've restarted working on CodedCombats Docs. Only some basics are ready at the moment, but its getting there. Actually, I'm having a bugger of a time with 'em, I've no idea (at the moment) on the system design. But I'm working on it. Hopefully MrChris will come along and do the hard bits, so I don't have to ;)
30.April.2001 14:46 I just don't get... (warning UK political rant, prob not all that long thou.)
Blah, and the Labour party, them, and ANYONE voting for them should be shot, for the good of the people.

Why? well, lets just looked at how fucked up they are, 'yobs' should get free CD's, but education, HA!
Poor familys should get savings account, again NOT EDUCATION! NO!!! If people have the chance to learn, they might just workout that labour hold back the lower classes not help them. You see, Labour need the lower classes to vote for them, hence the stupid gimmics, not politics. Policing, better health care for all, homeless, free education for all, the shit that we submit our enviroment to, large scale complete lack of fath in policing & the goverment in gernaral... have any of these issuse been addressed, without some silly gimmic, or dig at the conservatives? NO! It really fucks me off the way England is heading. I might stand out side the houses of parlement demanding a Vote Ron option if one is not aviable! (RON: Re Open Nomernations)
The big problem is who else to vote for, Lib Dem, Green Party... I going to start emailing nastie(ish) letters to each of the main partys complaning about the complete lack of policies without digs....

mlk, fucked of with England.
10:31 17.05.2001 So what have I been up to?
Due to time restraints, not much. Then to top it off, I don't know if I can be bothered any more. BeOS, Bah it's pritty much dead in the water. Windows, I really don't want to. AtheOS, still unsure about. I dont know if I like it yet. I know it's only young, but it does not blow you way like BeOS did. It has potental to (and to fix all the mistakes BeOS made), and not to make the mistakes Linux made. But I just don't knwo if I like it, and it 'feels' directionless. Kurt is doing a good job in keeping it from splittering, but not as a'leader', as his just doing it for fun. to be honest. You also have a strange (bad?) mix of people, though who really want EZLinux, though that want OpenBeOS and thoughs that want a new desktop/workstation OS. I think motervation for AtheOS will kick in when/if I getthe dev kits & a supported graphics card. I wish I could get motervated for AtheOS, I love to sit down & write a liblocale kit, I've some cool ideas, but it'll take time to code, & I don't know if I can be bothered. I reallly _really_ wish I could get off my arse & do some CodedCombat doc. I no have everything to do some Psion dev. But after skimming through the API's & using nothing but the BeAPI & Java's API, I really could not see the point it touching it. Anyway, to sum it up. I've done very little CC & CW stuff.
10:57 17.05.2001 Political Msg From mlk
OK, so far it's either Lib Dem or The Greens. As, for the "big two" to be broken, requires Lib dems to get into power, & the green (& other smaller partys) don't stand a chance until "the big two" are taken down, atm I'm forced to vote for 'em.
24.May.2001 11:07 Woo… I did something really daft!
Dear Jonty Barnes,
I am applying for the Scripting position advertised on your web forum.
I feel have I the right experience in this area. I have created a small mod for Half-life. My university dissertation involved creating a behavioural based IA, which I've taken a small part of, and extended to create a computer game call Code[d]Wombat

I look forward to hearing from you in the future,

Yours Faithfully

Michael Lloyd Lee

And now for something completely different...
Jonty lad,

I 'ere ya 'ave a place goin for a script kiddie....
well I've got this game reet ( ), an it's a stack based lil widget tha' sounds like what you are want'n for old experience like.

Anyho' if ya think ya'd be interested, lemme know like, maybe as like come for one a them interview things.



How about that for a covering letter! :) No I don’t think I’ll get the job either. But its fun… Anyhow, some CW related stuff. I’ve not do anything on the porting side, however I now have all the AtheOS stuff, just need to set it up to boot :) That bloody GRUB thing... CC on the over hand, Well the docs are at cvs version 1.8 (that’s 8 uploads) One of which was only a few days ago. I feel I’m getting somewhere with the docs, even though the ‘somewhere’ is only one tube stop further than I was, and I have to pass though every tube stop in London to get to my destination. How about that for some mad rambling :)