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6 DAYS TO GO! (2000-03-22 16:55)
xmas time, misseltoe(sp) and wine... (2000-03-27 12:30)
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I have. And I'm falling asleep at my desk! (2000-07-04 15:17)
Access is a big bit of poo! (2000-07-04 16:27)
Contacts (2000-07-11 09:39)
GMT! (2000-07-24 17:41)
paid to eat sweets (2000-07-25 15:27)
ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggggggggggggggggggg (2000-07-25 15:53)
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I am working honest :) (2000.08.21 15:33)
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No Work Done! (2000.08.21 17:21)
bots.... I'm in love... (2000.08.25 14:30)
Life After Bots (2000.08.29 16:51)
I came to check my email @ 16:00 (2000.08.31 17:19)
TWO WEEKS OF SUN! (2000.09.04 15:35)
I'M BACK! (200.10.06 16:23)
I hate it when you do something you ssasy you will not. (2000.10.07 18:23)
WORK (2000.10.19 unknown)
MORE WORK (2000.11.26 unknown) WORKS!! (2000.12.06 19:20)
VI! I'M USING VI!!! (2000.12.07 14:47)
Vi is nasty.... (2000.12.08 11:01)
I should stop... (2000.12.08 12:12)
Don't you hate it when... (2000.12.08 12:55)
grep chris.dat the access log. (2000.12.08 16:27)
I graduated today.... (2000.12.09 13:34)
Uploaded one.1b (2000.12.09 14:52)
Hi (2000.12.11 11:42)
Gaaa!!! (2000.12.11 14:27)
Yawn.... (2000.12.12 10:34)
:q! (2000.12.12 11:50)
ARGGGGGG!!!!!!! (2000.12.12 15:28)
BAHHHH!!! (2000.12.12 15.33)
sleep (2000.12.12 16.02)
Wow, I feel like a sys admin! (2000.12.13 10:46)
I'm loosing my Sys Admin look... (2000.12.13 12:54)
Network cable... (2000.12.13 13:14)
I'm not very good at going what I should be doing... (2000.12.13 14:21)
Yeah, I'm board at the moment :> (2000.12.13 15:03)
once apone a time (2000.12.13 17:20)
:) Paid To Surf The Web :) (2000.12.14 10:41)
I HATE OUTLOOK!!! (2000.12.14 17:05)
My computer is dead :( (2000.12.18 13:00)
Board! (2000.12.18 15:52)
My computer is pretty much dead! (2000.12.20 11:50)
one toasted tea cake latter. (2000.12.20 11:56)
Wow, I've been typing the date in most days this month, and I've only just realised oh close to Christmas we are! (2000.12.21 13:02)
I'm off home tomorrow. Ohh yeah :) (2000.12.22 11:43)
Back home tomorrow (2000.12.28 23:09)
cold (2001.01.03 12:38)
tried (2001.01.03 13:48)
I sooo want to sleep. (2001.01.04 16:50)
Wow, Chris has NO life! (2001.01.05 11:11)
I've done REAL work today. (2001.01.08 17:07)
Good News On The CC Front (2001.01.09 09:06)
More Good News (2001.01.10 15:30)
I want my space ship :( (2001.01.11 12:49)
Just before I go home. (2001.01.15 17:20)
Not doing anything today. (2001.01.16 12:20)
It's been a while... (2001.01.19 10:49)
I have no cash, and I'm in trouble :( (2000.01.24 13:50)
A quick update (2001.02.06 22:22)
New Toys (2001.02.10 12:40)
1120 points in snakes! (2001.02.11 21:19)
1999-10-14 14:39 The Start Of It
Every now and again I think, wouldn't it be cool if I actually kept a .plan, so here it goes again. First a quick description of what I'm doing at them mo. *cough* very little *cough*... TMM (formally Miracle 99, not nearly cheesy enough, so changed to TMM, which you might of noticed fits nicely into a TLA :) is my 3rd year project (the full description of the project can be found of the WEB here : but in short it's to write a language to write bots in Half-Life. As well as TMM, I am also working on a mod for Half-Life currently called Kick-Back HL. This is nearing a 'beta' stage At the moment at at the recurch stage of my project, reading lots and lots of stuff. Which (after a quick browse of /.) im off to do.
1999-10-16 15:17 An Update, MY GOD!
Wow, I'm updating this... Be impressed. So what am I currently up too, well I've start look at alternative ways of implementing 'behaviual'. Now I'm going to start of the 'fectures' (pros/cons etc) of each version. I'm also resisting the temptation to go and buy stuff... nay ____ it, I might go buy stuff..
2000-01-26 15:46 VMs!
I've updated my plan again, Be very very impressed with me... OK so what have I done, well I've got 'ttle VMs which RUN. They don't do much yet, as they do not have any enveroment to run in. My next task will be to write the langauge.
2000-01-27 17:55 JavaCC
My language is comming alone nicly (well a prototype version of it any way). The JavaCC (in /opt/SBA/bin ) is quite cool, I recomend looking at it.
2000-02-16 12:46 The Loss Of KickBack HL
KickBack HL has been lost in that great bin of 'uncompleted code'. Apparently(sp) Alix is working on KickBack Q3... I've done some screen savers under BeOS [ ] I quite like them :). My simple version of my langauge for TMM is complete. I have a little tiding up to do, then package my complier and write the enveroment/world classes. Then the basics of it is done.
2000-02-21 12:06 Working Hard
I've been working hard resently, but not really on my disation. Instead i've been working on a driver for my serial remote under BeOS. I've got it to work OK as an application, and now it no longer locks the system as a BInputDevice, but alas it does not (yet) work... Hmm.... I've just though of something... I've now started my UML class diagram. I've put all the classes in and commented most of them. I now need to rejig my code to follow suit. NOTE: My current mouse is crap (the one on ph030xt31) arggg... it works better on the top of the computer instead of the desk. Hmm.... HUNGER... I think I'll go for some munches in a mo... or should I just lock my screen, and toodle off? Hmm... Yeap... MMmm RICH Shorties, and juice.... Ack is down... And I'm still hungery.
2000-02-28 21:30 B_KEY_UP
F*ck, I wish I could remember what I thought on the 21st :( as my Serial remote still does not work under BeOS. However I have now tracked down the problem the BMessage part, what ever it is sending is not a valid B_KEY_DOWN and B_KEY_UP. But I'm getting there. My UML is complete, and I've re-jigged my code, all I've got left to do is the world/Enveroment classes, and an example world. I've now done 700 words for my disation. *Cheer* I've also been working on a cool finger-like thing, which can be found at I'm going to (try) to add some more cool stuff to it, but I quite like the current version.
2000-02-28 22:07 IT WORKS
if you go to is that not cool or what! All I want to do now it get it to create links where there are links in the .plan file (like above). KILL ALL PEOPLE WITH MOBLE PHONES WITH CRAPPY RINGS LIKE THAT ONE!!
2000-03-01 14:47 Bloody Phones
I hate people. All people. Esp. people with modile phones that do not know how to use the off key. And some people just think wierd. I've thought of doing the RDF in a very very cool way. At first I was very stuck on how to do this. But then I decided to implement a small subset of java...
2000-03-02 14:20 3,835 blocks, Ranked 1,508 for the day!
My RC5 stats for today was very very cool i've a local copy of todays at ~mllee/bestday.html as it's COOL! I want more days like that :) (the joys of doing a few weeks, then sending all the resaults at once). Other news: I've done loads on my autoloader, my disation is going well, and I've not done much more on Serial Zapper. It's still there, but on the back burnner.
2000-03-03 21:04 BCS compo...
We did not do too badly in the BCS compo, we came second... Err... nothing else has happended.
2000-03-08 10:53 finger -s mllee
For anyone reading this thinking, my god I wish this was shorter try finger -s mllee. I've nearly finshed 'sat', my job controler I've been working on (some times called autoloader) I'll have a copy too download soon. Then I will also update my homepage at I've also finshed the parser for my subset of java, all I have to do now is put in the background code.
2000-03-09 12:20 bebop
I've only really got the GUI to do on sat. I've downloaded a copy of plex86 for BeOS, I'm going to give it a go (and why the hell not) I dought it will work, but WTF.
2000-03-14 11:27 bah...
Plex86 will not just work under BeOS, I'll have to do some playing... I've done the out line for the GUI sat client, it's basic but it'll work. I'll put a screen shot up soon. I've done a little more work on my finger toy, it now ignores lines begining with '-=-'. Latter I think I will get it to read two files, my .plan, and a .plan-old then do the .plan-old stuff in gray maybe?
2000-03-14 11:44 Testing the .plan-old
My .plan is now much much shorter (good for people 'finger'ing me) but the .plan-old is shown on fingerme2.cgi It currently does not do the funky old plan in diff colour... but it will come. 4 mins latter, OK, that was easy. But I would like to get it so the gray-ness is based on cookie information, so all the stuff you have seen before is gray... but that would prob mean rewriting the lot in PERL (i'm currently using AWK). I've also just added a counter, coz I was board.
2000-03-16 14:00 GUI Sat, and food.
The GUI for sat works OK (I will prob re-jig it before relasing it), but it works. I've also got the loading to work a little. Combo boxes in BeOS nead some work (or I nead to work out how to use them ;) Ohh and the for in my .plan title, I'm off for some....
2000-03-20 13:16 Disatation...
I'm moving from the java like langauge, to a serialized object. The End Of Todays Plan. 2K is shit! well does not run BZ2 >(
2000-03-22 16:55 6 DAYS TO GO!
before B5 is released Ohh.. The Sims is cool, very very cool. and i'm sure all game dev have some for of filter to stop anything with the word port in it. [BZII]
2000-03-27 12:30 xmas time, misseltoe(sp) and wine...
BeOS is out tomorow, yeah.... err... what else, Disation going sllllooooooooowwwwwwwww Sat, err, how to put this.. Don't like comboboxs in BeOS :(
2000-03-28 xx:xx The wait is killing me
not long to go... Yeah... err, new Be logo sucks, bring back BeOS! Idea for a replicat, one than just downloads and displays codycom Arrrrhhhh... can't connect to any be sites!
2000-04-04 17:51 ^K^K^K
I've just killed my .plan, and spent the last few mins fixing it my disation is going well, I've now just have to do the write-up and a more advanced world, than a text based on.
2000-04-07 16:03 the title
I've just uploaded some screen shots (one for today, and one for the first I think). The one for today shows the work I did last night, in respect of CodedCombat. i.e. The GUI outline, the outline for the msg passing. Ohh.. we (my friends and I) entered an diff BCS compo, and was knocked out in the first round :( but we got a 10 pound book token :) I've also fixed my disation, so it no longer dead-locks :)
2000-04-10 14:40 CodedCombat
I hate coding at time, you get so far doing something one way then think, 'I wounder if this would be better...', half of you says 'Yeah, scrap yr code, start again like that...', half says 'what are you, MAD? that way is shit, your doing it the best way'. The bit I'm having problems with is the comms between world and robot. does the world handle the moving of a robot (i.e. changing the x and y maybe latter z). At the mo the robot tells the world it wants to move then supends its-self, untill the world has finshed moving it, then the world resumes the robot[s thread]. The other way of doing it, is to have states in the robot, 'computing' 'turret', 'move', etc. Then in the 'run' (the method the thread is running, from my java world) has a switch on the state. The other problem is redraw, do I, have a thread which redraws the screen every now and again, or do I redraw the screen (well a small area of it, the bit that changed) I should really STOP working on CodedCombat, and work on my disation.
2000-04-11 14:29 Rogue and
I worked on a quick port of Rogue (there are no ports of it on BeOS r5. I'll update '' soon. I've just been told about (yeah its a porn site) I would like to point out now that it WAS NOT a porn site when I started '', and I am not affitated with it in any way.
2000-04-11 14:37 BeBop
I've done very little work sofar this week, and now i've got rogue working, i'll prob not do much at all. I've spent the last few mins setting the download sites for rogue. I'm now putting a mirror of it on
2000-04-21 16:40 KickBack is ALIVE!
I did some work on kickback hl last night. Funky new stuff, the scoring works, ish... I've just a few things left to do. I've updated minicalc I think it's gone a little too far, but hey...
2000-06-14 17:49 Bahhh work...
I'm going to start work soon, so my dot-plan will take a turn from it's normal direction of utter bollocks, and move towards a semi- senable rabble which might win me some cash. I went to an intervew yesterday. Well it was called an intervew, I think they had already decided to hire me. It was very much in the format of 'this is what you will be doing, can you do it, what will be the best way to do it'. So, yeah money coming in! and some of that expreance stuff! Harzar! New HalfLife SDK now avable, yeappie! I will try to write a cool mod soon... And i will leave you with... odeur de poissons de poisson!
2000-05-17 17:08 Its over
i'm sure i have now failed my 3rd year, shit
2000-07-04 15:17 I have. And I'm falling asleep at my desk!
It's happend, I've only got a 2:2. Hopfully I'm going to get on the MSc, else I don't know what I'm going to be doing :( The last week and a bit of work has been fun. I've learnt VBA, JavaScript and quite a bit of HTML (and to aviod other peoples HTML :) Last week I made this cool macro, it does cool stuff. It creates a 'margin report' not 100% sure what it is, I was just given numbers and told how they wanted them. Basicly it summarises, i.e. products in twice, it cats them. Then cats all of the same type. I'm going to have to move my dot-plan soon, thats if I'm not on the MSc. I got to use AWK earlyer this week. I like awk for some things, It's nice, and quick and stuff. I'm a little borad today, it not that i've got nothing to do, or what I've got is not intresting, it's jst after age of doing HTML&JavaScript, I need a break! So I'm going to do some perl when I finish my dot plan. I NEED TO SLEEP!
2000-07-04 16:27 Access is a big bit of poo!
It has an import text file button, which has a 'use ftp site' button, but the two will not work together. Bugger!
2000-07-11 09:39 Contacts
I've been doing a contacts db over the last few days. I've nearlly completed it, it's just a case of making forms. Also done some 'pritty-a-fying' of the Margin report. Mmm, food should be soon. I'm going home to watch me mum garduate tomorrow. So I'll have three days off, while the specs for my next project is speced. I think it's going to be a big, meaty database. I might change the way I write dates, to something more logical, like do it in base 12 or something :) I don't know thou. I don't like this, none-code side of work that much, it not as intresting, however, I am fed up with HTML/perl. but I think I'll have to do some more soon :( But by then it be, YEAH NOT ACCESS! I wonder if I can convert them (to BeOS).
2000-07-24 17:41 GMT!
Hi, and welcome to my NEW dot-plan Ths is my first update snce I failed the finally year, fucked up big style, and found a new UNIX account. Anyhow, ignore a;ll the internet address, they all bedead now, (except as they were on my old unix account, which has gone bye bye
2000-07-25 15:27 paid to eat sweets
thats been today so far, but soon that will change, as I've not got my next assignment. Yeah.
2000-07-25 15:53 ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggggggggggggggggggg
30 mins of work, done the dran DAM GPF dam it to helll. WITH THREE 'L's!!!!! HAHAHHAHA
2000-08-16 12:30 Food...
I'm hungery, anouyed (lost lots of my work, as i did some playing with 'cat' and killed a bit of my .plan :( Then get this... Ahh the fun! :) EXCEL caused an invalid page fault in module MSO97.DLL at 014f:30708676. Registers: EAX=01084394 CS=014f EIP=30708676 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=000003f2 SS=0157 ESP=0062d3b0 EBP=0062d738 ECX=01083300 DS=0157 ESI=01080000 FS=0d57 EDX=00000379 ES=0157 EDI=0108105b GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 66 89 38 66 89 50 02 66 89 54 02 fe 33 d2 66 8b Stack dump: 00000017 00000000 0062d738 00000198 00001094 00000101 00180001 00000000 00000000 0062d50c 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 CodedCombat is going quite well, ( I might put a link up to this page soon... CodedCombat is going very well (IMO), MrChris has aggreed to get a 'parser' done for the assembely language. All (bar a very little bit) of the normal, basic robots has been completed. That little bit being that fireing does not work yet
2000.08.21 15:00 My .plan will now be returning to normal
As my work placement has nearly finished, and I'll prob be working for PROFIT for a little but longer. Doing something like Powerpoint. This scares me! A lot! Anyway, I'm off to the tolet, what do you recon the chances of this crashing are? high? WOW it did not (i'm on a net connection(ha!) which well it's a slug called Fred. A drunk slug at that, and there is a wall of salt inbetween me, and 'The Internet'. And if I don't type anything, Fred drops my telnet connection). Firing is a pain (CodedCombat :) It's just not working very well, I'll prob recoded a large section of CodedCombat to get them to work write. Good thing I'm currently only doing a proof of consept version :) Ohhh my good news must of been lost in the Great Cat CockUp! I should be too work on some Be stuff full time (well all of my spaire time when working part time) Which will be COOL! Projects I Want to Get Done During This Time: * CodedCombat, too a aplha/beta state or above. (primary goal) * Using the Linux source code, make a DVD Info app, which will get the title (etc) of a DVD. *wink* *wink* * Using Twiglite3D, or CS to write a simple 1st person, mplay only shoot-em-up. (Not a good shootemup, just a shoot-em-up, too see if I can) * If I get the above to work, plan out, and implement an idea i've got. (not greatly importent) OR try my hand at a H&D-em-up. So thats my goals for the comming year. I am not going to say that I'll keep to them. Something better (or worse) might come up. I'm still thinking about applying for a job at Be Inc. This does mean that I will move far far away from my g/f, which I don't want. But if I could get a work-from-home deal, it would be SOO cool! I should realy do some work, I know it might look like i am working (as I'm typing stuff). But updating my .plan just is NOT working. Not at all. But's its 15:30 and I'm only working till 17:30ish. OK two hours is more than enough time to do some work :)
2000.08.21 15:33 I am working honest :)
I've just started a Macro, totest the resualts. Anyway, Video LAn is cool. (as it worked for me :) fuck it brock, the macro that it,. crap... Hold on it might be OK now... The big question is, is 1 hour, 54 mins anough time to do anyting productive :) If I remember to update my plan, I'll tell you *grin*
2000.08.21 15:56 Worked out why
it (the macro) was not working, cos someone else was editing a vital document. And I ca't do jack until it's finshed. So what pointeless crap can I say... I can watch DVD's in BeOS, yeah!!!
2000.08.21 17:21 No Work Done!
Nope, no work at all :)
2000.08.25 14:30 bots.... I'm in love...
Wow, played CS till 5 this morning, then up for 11 to code :) pre-aplha 0.6 WORKS! yeah! uploading it now! CS BOTS ROCK, want it for BeOS :(
2000.08.29 16:51 Life After Bots
OK, due to a suggestion on BeNews I've volantered to try to get a standard set of BeOS icons. So CodedCombat might be a bit neglated for the next few weeks while I get it off th groun.
2000.08.31 17:19 I came to check my email @ 16:00
I feel ill. CodedCombat is going well, I'll be posting 0.7 soon. I think it's almost at 'public pre-aplha' stage, where I'll post it on BeBits. However large parts might change soon, with out any notification, or reason. :) I'll talk to Chris about this. Maps work now. But 'End Game' Does not :( Ahh well. I think I'm going to do some work on libicon today. I'm going to try out BeXL, and see if I can use that to create the icon pref panel.
2000.09.04 15:35 TWO WEEKS OF SUN!
Im off 2morrow too get my passport sorted out, then I'm off on hols for two weeks :) YEAH!
200.10.06 16:23 I'M BACK!
But I've not yet herd back from ProFit, so I'm still unemployed. And as such a very unhappy bunny. I've got 40 dl's of NQC allready. Cool. I'm going to have a play with the tinyVM code next (Java for Lego :) ACK, I NEED A JOB! if you know of one which you can work from home with, email me! please... BeKaffe looks quite promsing. But the AWT does not look Be (which is wierd :) I think it's cos its the 'lightwieght' awt stuff. But I don't know. God I hate not having cash. I'm down to like < 30 pounds :( Anyway, I'm off home to play with my copy of BeKaffe. See if it works 'n' stuff.
2000.10.07 18:23 I hate it when you do something you ssasy you will not.
Mike using the zip machin for none zip stuff!xy
2000.10.19 unknown WORK
I need some. I'm down too <5 pounds. Grr. But I'm going to sign on, so I might have some money coming in soon... mike
2000.11.26 unknown MORE WORK
Fcuk, I've got a job, it poo. I hate working. I want to go back to doing nothing but coding CodedWombat. I might try selling it, to see if I can just jack in my job, and code for a living. I dought it though. BeOS users don't often buy good stuff, so why should they buy CW :) Hmm, could I do it, if I went mutli-plateform, Mac users buy everything (inc. OS stuff)...
2000.12.06 19:20 WORKS!!
Thank nice Mr Chris for this wonderful thing! I'm going to fix my scripts. Do some other stuff, then either sleep, or code :) Hmm... Random idea time, for the .plan, shall I add a smiles thingy? Ohh, just so you all know. I'm fed up, I was going to go home early today, and watch star-trek, but I did not :( Ohh, coming soon in a .plan near you, web based updater. Might even move the .plan into a database... if I can be bothered
2000.12.07 14:47 VI! I'M USING VI!!!
And with out a manual... ACK. Now how do I leave insert mode? Hmmm... Anyone know? I believe save is 'ZZ'. Or at lest I hope it it :) Ahh, esc. Press 'I' to go into insert mode, and esc to leave. MrChris has been a bad boy, he has used HTML in his '.plan' if you live in London, or near to, please tell him off. I should do some work soon. I hate myself for being able to say this, but I'm getting to LIKE outlook. It's got some nice features. I would to see task under BeOS. A basic implementation of it should be quite easy, but the integration is quite nice. It might go down as a future project. Possible not a an email client, but an API for plug-ins as some default plug-ins, so the client app starts up user plug-ins (which all work nice together) so you end up with (say) * Normal Be People * postmaster * StickyNotes * Chris's Calendar App .... I think it could be quite cool. but that's just me. Anyway, I am going to play with some scripts for creating new .plan additions. Ohh does anyone know how you quit vi without saving (it was not important when I first started to learn vi (a long time ago, I quickly moved on to use emacs) :)
2000.12.08 11:01 Vi is nasty....
Ack, ohh the problems I'm having with VI. Maybe I should find the blue book, and my copy of UNIX in a Nutshell. My PPA Zip 100 died last night. Should I buy a new USB ZIP 250 or not. That is the question. And a hard question at that. It would be nice, they look very cool. But they are not cheep. And I don't have the cash. Ack. My recommendation to anyone thinking about working, don't. Stay in education! Please, for your own sake, stay in the happy world of UNI :)
2000.12.08 12:12 I should stop...
playing wap games, it's too expensive... but it's soo fun :) I've just lost 1pound, and 10 scally points (don't ask) on poker die. and the one pound was to bt (phone bill). This is scaring me. I'm beginning to be able to use vi. I've now worked out delete. (nope, the delete key does not work, well not quite :) ) You press 'd' then the direction you want to delete. (up and down delete everything to the top, or bottom respectively). That's not to say I like it yet, but I have a scary feeling I might end up liking it and there is a version (GUI one at that) for BeOS... I also should do some work. I'm working on a access db atm. DULL! Random idea: WAP version of FreeCIV. OK, it'll take a hell of a long time, but it would be COOL! So if anyone want a challenge, contact me. Random idea II, It Came From Below : Alt-OS are the religion of 2000. Most alt-os users blindly believe in there os, they are normally (not always) atheists, they pretty much worship the big names in the computing industry, esp. the Linux/OSS group. Not even the most dedicated musical-arts-fan will hang on to they favour band members every word (apart from the odd Marlin Manson junky ;) ) But look how Linas, and other Linux members 'convert' people into the ideal of 'Freedom' (to steal code? :) and how making money of code if 'wrong' (but t-shirts is OK), and the inconsistency's i.e. Quake. Many Linux users are addicts to QI[I[I]]. But this is iD making cash from SOFTWARE. (now, ok, iD are a little nicer than most, giving the source away once the game is 'old', but still they make money from software, which according to the GPL (approx. equal to the bible in GNU/Linux world) is wrong, I have found no allowed exception to this case. NOTE: I apologise to Christians reading this how could find the GPL/Bible bit insulating, and also to GNU people for the stealing code comment. :) The GPL has nothing to do with stealing code (that's MS :) ) instead, giving your code to other people. Before you come up with freedom of speech, not price, check /. and there is a bit in the first paragraph which conforms that price should also be free. You may sell a CD, not the code.
2000.12.08 12:55 Don't you hate it when...
You have something you want to rant about, but you forget what it is argg it's very annoying. I know there is something I had on my mind :( I'll try to get the time to add some extras to my awk parsers soon, like finding BeOS and converting them, one just for the screen shots. Plus adding multi-lingual support via AltaVista, as well as a Coded Wombat Goods section, Buy CW Stuff! A bit like the corp. whore section on the old site, but with better (good?) stuff :) ARRGGG.... I hate this, there are bits of vi that are nice... Bugger I want emacs again ;)
2000.12.08 16:27 grep chris.dat the access log.
If I was more awake I would email you Mr Chris. :) Err, zip disks are too expensive. Not a happy bunny, but I do now have RobotWar on floppy disk. Hmmm, <blockquote> instead, OK, I'll give it a go, when I'm more awake. I (MIGHT) also give writing a feed back/forum ago, so 'readers' can say stuff. But I don't know... I could use UF's forum system :) Hmmm, would prob. mean rewriting (or at lest formatting) our .plans, but it would be cool.
2000.12.09 13:34 I graduated today....
But I forgot, so I'll just get a sheet of paper in the post. Someone should of reminded me, I'm sure... but hey... it's just a bit of paper :)
2000.12.09 14:52 Uploaded one.1b
so play, have fun, and tell me what you think... mike Uploaded alpha one.1b today, it should be quite cool...
2000.12.11 11:42 Hi
ROBOL. It's coming. I've got a basic parser/scanner working
2000.12.11 14:27 Gaaa!!!
Work is shit, consent bother from my boss, because windows is shit. I know windows is shit. I've been saying this for some time. ARGGGG!!! Bahh!! Anyhow. I've done no work today on the db I'm working on. I don't know if I'm going to get round to today. I'm just fed up, and dis motivated. :(
2000.12.12 10:34 Yawn....
I want to sleep. :) 's nearly work. All I need is some pics :)
2000.12.12 11:50 :q!
Yeah, worked it out. :q!, vi now quits without saving :) Now I want to find undo... Hmmm.. wonder if it's in the help file? I'm in pain. Lots and lots of pain my side hurts. I'm NOT sitting comfortably and I've just ran out of cash on my phone. ;( Also, MrChris, I'm BOARD update your .plan :) I almost got a wml version working but I was silly I typed 'rm' not 'rm awk-wap' I would love to be using BeOS, that why I could just use mime-types not silly .123's or 123-'s :( Food should be coming soon. Toasted Teacake, Cheese and pickle yummy.... I would like to just head of down too Pizza Hut, and order a nice big pizza, or an all you can eat for £4.99, and a bottle of wine, or vodka, or .... And that's logical or, so 'and/or' in 'none- geek' :) I spend way too much time on, if you have a wap phone, I'm called 'mlk' (shock?) Ohh, I 'blitzed' some code for the database today, and fixed the bit I've been "working" on for the last few days :) I want to get drunk, go home and CODE, or at lest get my copy of "Corum III". I opened the source code for CW last night, did nothing (but changed a variable, ran it, changed it back). hmm, I think food might of arrived. :) Ruddy hell, I've been typing this for the last 20 mins! I should do some work!
2000.12.12 15:28 ARGGGGGG!!!!!!!
Windows is fcuking me off! my computer hangs on shutdown, now I have heard of this many times before (its a network setting), so I've spent a few mins playing with network settings. Now, Windows will not work! It crashes every now and again, and will not see the network at all I want to sleep!
2000.12.12 15.33 BAHHHH!!!
now it works. why? ohhh why?
2000.12.12 16.02 sleep
I want too....
2000.12.13 10:46 Wow, I feel like a sys admin!
I'm sitting at a desk, with four computers, two keyboards, one monitor one TV, a load of power leads hanging about and a green network cable. And I'm using a laptop, running a telnet window, and vi! My beard needs shaving, I am just turning into a sys admin! Ohh the MP3 BeIA sounds sooo nice! I want! sooo want. Anyway once I finish this, I'm going to do some work... ha! who I am I kidding, I'm going to head over to Slashdot (I've been to BeNews & BeGroovy), ohhh, and I've not checked my email yet. ACK!!! I've been at my computer for 2 hours, and I've not checked my email! I have to go!!!
2000.12.13 12:54 I'm loosing my Sys Admin look...
Now I'm setting someone's computer up :( but I still have a load of of computer boxes, CD and manuals littered around my desk :) Hmmm, should start looking for some images for the similes soon...
2000.12.13 13:14 Network cable...
I'm short by a single bit of network cable :( I wonder if a phone cable with a UK to US adapter will do :) I don't think I'll try it thou
2000.12.13 14:21 I'm not very good at going what I should be doing...
I'm quite good at doing something completely different :) As you can see, smiles :) have been implemented, currently in 3 flavours, :) happy ":)", :( unhappy ":(", and finally >:( angry ">:(" if you want more (which over time I will :) ) I'll add them. I'll prob. move :( unhappy to ill, and colour unhappy :( yellow :) ... Currently planned are :> tri-happy ":>", :0 ill ":0" and 8) cool "8)". Also, the following HTML are ALOWED in .plans (really for MrChris only) bold Italic big small however a space HAS to be left between the word and the tag! i.e. <tag>Word is invalid, but <tag> word is valid, the same goes for tags, <b><i> is also invalid (this is to make it easier to strip out!) and when the email when updates come available is working I guess you will want it :)
2000.12.13 15:03 Yeah, I'm board at the moment :>
:> Trismiles ":>", :< geeky ":<", 8} geek "8}" and #] Bus Brats "#]" now work, ok these are not what most people have as smiles, but I like em :)
2000.12.13 17:20 once apone a time
there was a carrot, and this carrot was called Rob. Rob was a carrot. Rob was a green carrot. Carrots are green. Rob was green. Green is the colour of carrots. Rob went down the road. Down the road went Rob. Rob walked down the road. Rob walked into a rabbit. The End. :)
2000.12.14 10:41 :) Paid To Surf The Web :)
My favour activity. Ohh that and spending money on the company credit card :> I like that one, but I think I should make it smaller. Ohh, the smiles are from, part of
2000.12.14 17:05 I HATE OUTLOOK!!!
ACK, All I want to do is send an email, and bloody 'connect to the net via shitty MSN' fucking pops up. Then when I finally get rid of that it still does not fucking send. I fucking hate Outlook :( it is poo! Brown smelly poo! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
2000.12.18 13:00 My computer is dead :(
very very dead. 64Mb deaded. I need to buy new bits. Hmm, Also I will have to slow down on my work. I want to get libicon back on track. Err started... :)
2000.12.18 15:52 Board!
I've no work to do at the moment, and I am board! People, post to BeNews/BeGroovy! PLEASE! I half fell like doing some work on this web site! THATS HOW BOARD I AM ! bebop lalallalalala flibble I got a new phone yesterday (which reminds me, time to look for some new shitty rings :) I want one like my old ring, it was 'Beep Beep' Anyway, I've got a new nokia 7110, and my g/f has my old phone (swapped sims :) ). It's funky, I can play snakes, but it does not have an animated butterfly. I've not touched CodedWombat. I've ordered my copy of Gobe, so work on the docs for CC will start picking up soon. (err, alas I've also got Corum III :) ) So some time just after Christmas development of CC will start, the docs (inc. some UML I hope) will begin to appear in a new section, imaginatively entitled 'Docs'.
2000.12.20 11:50 My computer is pretty much dead!
I'm not a happy bunny. As It'll be a while before I can buy a new one. And as such no work has been done on CodedWombat. I've also been attacked by the dreaded 'fucked off' bug that MrChris has just shaken off. I'm also SOO hungry. but then FOOD has just arrived. Will continue in a bit.
2000.12.20 11:56 one toasted tea cake latter.
I can still use my computer, but only just. I have turn it off after 1 or 2 hrs as it bleeps at you. The processor are over 80 degrees C. Not all that good really. why is :save not a command? Be Inc stock does not look good. Down to $1. If I get paid soon I might buy some :) and hope it goes back up soon. I wonder if it has something to do with the Slashdot story. There was a lot of 'anti-be' there, and if someone was looking at the 'geek' sector, would see that as bad. UI interface guidelines, BeOS needs some. Food, yeah I just had some, but I'm still hungry. Tempted to go out for dinner. I hate HTML. I hate my life really. At the moment its just soo dull at work. And my boss thinks that he is God. Or at lest very close. :(
2000.12.21 13:02 Wow, I've been typing the date in most days this month, and I've only just realised oh close to Christmas we are!
Hmm, I've got a big decision to make, Palm or Psion? Now, as I'm really only after it for Telnet the cheaper of the two (Palm @ about 100 UK Pounds) seams a good choice, but then the Psion Rivo look very nice, and is only 199 UK pounds more expanse. WTF I am saying 199 pounds is a LOT OF CASH (for me), but it does have a keyboard and it looks much nicer. The keyboard is the more important of the two (I slated Alix for using a pen, I really don't want to use one myself). Hmm, at this rate I will not get either of the two. I wish I just had 400 UK pounds to spend, that would make life much easier, I'd have the rivo. I've fixed my computer for a little longer :) It now see all my 128Mb ram working, and it does not crash. I took my computer apart, pulled the memory out, put it all back in, and hey-presto it all worked (well, every except the fans :( ) I hate paper. Why can't people just hand out the docs the are working on? Hmmm.... I had some other stuff to talk about, but I have forgot it, and I have a lot of work to do :(
2000.12.22 11:43 I'm off home tomorrow. Ohh yeah :)
And I got paid today. So I'm going to get a Rivo. I think. There is still a little bit of me saying 'No don't do it, its a waste of cash'. But there is a bigger bit of me saying 'Yeah go waist money, it's what your good at'. And that side is winning, Soon I'll have telnet access where ever I might be :) This will make me a happy bunny. £200 pounds I think is expectable. Well 200 & a bit pounds.
2000.12.28 23:09 Back home tomorrow
Last week has been good. Angela & my mum have got on well. my Revo rocks. Very cool little toy. I can now use ICQ and telnet where ever I can get a signal for my phone :) Alas my phone co (BTCellnet) is over logged, can not always get on :(
2001.01.03 12:38 cold
I'm cold, tried, and want to sleep. Revo, I like it, I should soon be doing some coding in OPL (Basic :) ) I want to get a C++ cross compiler for it under BeOS I have one for Windows, but it needs 'nmake', and, well its under windows. I want to sleep. Hmm, anyway on to 'Matters Of The Code', after someone asking about SerialZapper, I spent a few hours 'cleaning' the code, hopefully I will of finished this in a day or two, and I'll send him the code. CodedCombat (Yes Coded_C_ombat) should be starting soon. I've got Gobe, and a 'net' connection at home (well my Revo & a mobile phone) so the docs will be coming slowly. Hmm, but what format? Gobe? HTML? RTF? I think I'll use RTF.
2001.01.03 13:48 tried
I soo want to sleep. really really want to sleep.
2001.01.04 16:50 I sooo want to sleep.
OK, I have started writing some docs, but its going slowly, DAM Corum III :) I so want to sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. repeat and again today has been as dull as a McChicken Burger, with is the most interesting thing that has happened to me. sleep sleep *YARN* I need to get a sleep smiley. what else to say, I can't really think of much at the moment as I'm not really doing much other than browse the web looking for a new ISP. I've seen one I like, but ohh at the moment I really don't give a shit :( I go home soon. 1/2 to 1 hour, then I'm off home. YEAH! I might get some sleep in, or watch some TV. What's on TV tonight? anyone? err this is kind-of pointless. I'll take a look on the web. anyway the end of my pointless drivel for today.
2001.01.05 11:11 Wow, Chris has NO life!
I know this as he told me that Buffy would be on. Knowing this is not the problem. The fact he knew that I needed to know was, err well, lets put it this way, he READS MY .PLAN! something is very wrong with that boy! :)
2001.01.08 17:07 I've done REAL work today.
Yeah, I did not spend all of today arsing about on the net, instead I've done a little photo manipulation. Took some images, then removed the background (WELL! (IHMO)) :) I'm quite a happy bunny. Other News: Started (as in typed the titled) the docs for CC The Docs will be in (at lest) three parts. Introduction: An Informal Description Of CodedCombat, and What It'll Do. Technical Outline: The main classes, and how they will talk Scary Stuff: The UML and other fun stuff! The second will not be started until the First is (at lest nearly) completed The 2nd will go for a bit, then the 2nd & 3rd will be done simutimusly. When 2nd & 3rd are getting somewhere proto-type code will follow. The only real problem I have at the moment is lack of UML program. and what format to use. My scanner for CW has been going VERY slowly reasonably. Angela (my g/f) is round most of the time (not a bad thing, very much not a bad thing) but code time goes out the window :( I think that's it's prob. time for me to re-implement the .plan system. So you only get the at lest 3-or-so entries. But time is against me, I have so much I want to do (a quick list of "important stuff" Serial Zapper: Get source code up to scratch and give to person that asked for it (new account here, and CVS it?) The WAP Thing: I want to write a wap site for BeGroovy (I've talked to them, and they are all for it) Dam Time :( CW: I'd love to get the scanner/parser done, so I can call it quits and move onto CC. I wonder if the RobotWar ppl would be interested in joining the fun. Note: CC will only have C++ robots. But they will be some cool rappers (so the user does not know its C++) CC: I'd like to get CC docs done by the end of Q1, early Q2. By docs, I only mean the 1st. Project Big Tasty Box: I don't want to go into detail here, as it might not happen, but I REALLY want to give this a go. LibLocale: I have some COOL ideas for the 48hrs project, time :( ) Now that, as they say, is that. It's quite a list really. And so little time. If I have some of it tonight, I'll try to get SZ out of the way Anyway I've been typing (and thinking) for 30 mins, so I'm off home. Night Night Every One.
2001.01.09 09:06 Good News On The CC Front
I've found a little time to work on it, and have started working on the docs. At the moment, they are on my Revo, but I'll try to upload what I have ASAP. Its only the beginning thou. but its a start. Needless to say, I did no work on SZ last night.
2001.01.10 15:30 More Good News
I've doubled my small document on CC. It's still small, but it's bigger ttyquake, someone though I was serious. Ohh well. I'll give it ago as I get the time. I'll either upload it, or post it onto the CodedWombat list ASAP.
2001.01.11 12:49 I want my space ship :(
Anyway, the basics of the first doc is coming along nicely. I'll be uploaded on Friday at the latest.
2001.01.15 17:20 Just before I go home.
I'd like to say two things, Space Ship, What The Hell Was I On? and MrChris has the docs, so ask him what's happening to them, i.e. I did jack shit, well, I did less than that, I booted into windows, and played TFC (HalfLife) LOADS! It was FUN! I needed it. Also, I think I'm going to sell MrChris .plan on iuniverse or something :)
2001.01.16 12:20 Not doing anything today.
I'm just board, and not in the mood to do anything. :(
2001.01.19 10:49 It's been a while...
But I'm updating my plan again. OK, so what have I been up too the last few days to stop me from updating my .plan, well, to start with I have been creating hand-outs from a big co. the co. I work for is selling stuff too. I've also done a (very) small about of work on the CodedCombat Logo. Or at lest a 'example' logo. I've also been think about of to make CodedWombat XP. I don't know if I will, but I might spend a weekend removing the serialised object, the next weekend making it XP (target: AtheOS) Then the weekend after trying to make it run on Linux. I might NOT do this, but then again I might, I just want to find out how hard it is to make it XP, with out removing the BeOS l&f, and the advantages of using BeOS. I've got a cool idea for a logo. I need to do a lot of work on it, hell, even then it'll look poo, but hey, its fun. I've got the doc from MrChris, but I have not yet had time to update em. Chris, go to the toilet, and sort your self out man! Started to run SETI@home at work, *grin*
2000.01.24 13:50 I have no cash, and I'm in trouble :(
I have a electric bill to pay, but no cash to pay it. I have £50 pounds in checks, but they have not yet cleared. The electric Co. have threatened us with 'dept collectors'! However this is because we have dropped them in favour for nPower. Well, some guy moved in changed the Electric & gas then moved out :( And now the other guy has moved out. Not good really. God I want to sleep. I really really want to sleep! And I'm currently just waiting for a battery to charge! :( I've now completed a WHOLE ONE unit! (seti@HOME) :) I feel really sluggish today. I've not looked at '' or 'user-friendly' or 'Serbia' in a long long time... Eak... Hmmm, that was fun, too give new readers a treat. I've just spell checked this document. So everything up to this pargrapth should be a little more readable :) And on a side note, it's now 14:45, and that battary is about 75% charged I might use it anyhow :)
2001.02.06 22:22 A quick update
Hi, I've not done much on CC. The lattest version of the docs are aviable, but I'm tempted to drop RTF as Gobe can't hack it very well :( I've started work on a new about box for CW (I'm ill & board, and want something easy!) I can't find a web site I had agest ago... Bugger. Not much else has happened. I'll try to post more ofton, but time is against me ATM :(
2001.02.10 12:40 New Toys
I have a few new toys posted onto BeBits, TwoGreyIconView, AutoTextView and irritant. If you have the time, please give them a go, and send us some lovly feedback. I'm going to do some more work on CW today, MrChris has the docs for the weekend. I hate lag. The End Of This .Plan Entry!
2001.02.11 21:19 1120 points in snakes!
I have no life! And no I could not of been coding instead of playing snakes! I've downloaded the lattest G! and Be3D. I'll take a look at them tonight and maybe tomorrow. What else... err... I've got a new site (does not replace any of my currrent sites) If I ever start work on PushHL again, it'll go there. Hopefully (when I get the time) I'll post ideas on getting HL to work under BeOS. I've got a couple, but alas no time :( I hate my net connection it drops after a few mins. Fuck I hate it with a pasion. Alas I can't the lattest version of G! and it's pissing me off. I'm going to try one last time, if it fails, fine, I'm dropping into BeOS, and playing with what I've got! On the CC frount, MChris how far have you got this weekend? Ohh fuck it, my net connection has been dropped again.... No G! :( for me :( Ohh last thing (apart from whats below) some of my old old poerty can be found at ohh and... Just to anoy you, this .plan update is being typed on 21.01.2001, on the way home from London. I went to the UK Bug meeting, it was good fun. Chris peached the Might Word of  CodedWombat (oh and so did I a little. It was nice too see some of the people from the world of Be. Even if I did not reconise all of them, and I did not make a complete tit of myself.Or atlest i don't remember doing so! Errr thats prob not quite true... I did once try too explane why I could noit use the CodedWombat's source code in CodedCombat (CW started life as a single threaded app, and moved to a multi threaded app. It also did not start life with add-ons, but with the view of adding add-ons at a latter date,however with no idea how to do add-ons, should really thank who ever wrote the artical on BeZilla's add-on problem (jbq I think) ), and maybe the MS cap :) This trip has been very good, as I have also got to see mrchris again.which was good. I kind-of miss him ;) Meeting his house mates was fun too. Anyway I'm going to try to catch 30 winks (and no more, I don't have too long left on the coach)