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NEW! Domain and VOTING!!!

Yep, we finally did it, we now have a whole planet dedicated to codedcombat. This is truely a momentous occasion for all of us... (especially those of us who have never owned a domain name before!). After years of farting around on 'free' domains we now have a .COM all to ourselves for the next 2 years. Stick with us people... things are about to get a little bit interesting... (well more so than Accenture can manage anyway ;) ). And voting has just been added to the site. This is currently very simple, and easy to abuse (just hit reload). but hey, tis fun. MrChris, and Mlk

eGroup, for chatting...

Now, as much as I like openave (which I do) you do currently have to log in to play in the forum, so I have made an eGroup up, which you can email, and gernraly play with with out having to log on (if it gets abused i'll change it) CodedWombat's User's Talky Bit


Yeah, it's all working now. Well all put some little bits, which I'll fix as I go.

CGI Version!

WOOW New funky CGI version is up!! The old version is still about. Now all thats left is for me to write the wml version, and fill in the blanks :)

Yeah, lovly new website.

I've not finshed it yet, I want to completly rewrite the back end. I want too have it in perl, using some lovly parsing. This way I can have a wml version, using the same files, I hope. :)

Gaint Carrots attack Rabbits!

Three gaint carrots were arrested today for attacking a two rabbits. The three carrots, who can not be named for legal reasons, on night out on the town got very drunk, and started to look for a fight. The rabits, just leaving the world famous "The Rabbit Sex Bar", walked stright into the carrots. The police say it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.