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CodedWombat: Road Map

Below are all the planned versions of CodedWombat. If you are after downloads, check out the downloads page.

Alpha one.2 : CodedWombat

As below, but no known bugs. [uncompleted]

Aplha one.1c : CodedWombat

ROBOL added, second BeBits Realse [uncompleted]

Aplha one.1b : CodedWombat

Not yet realised, will be soon. I'm now activly looking for a net connection at home, so i can start using the CVS on Anyway, one window support added as is a 'warp' plug-in. has poped back into life. Basic, (HACKED) multi-lingual support added once again.

Aplha one.1a : CodedWombat

This is the first BeBits release. The only items it's missing if 'Single Window mode' and 'ROBOL'.

apha one: CoededWombat

Apha one is pritty funky, The only major bit it's missing is a good compiler. Time to learn lex and yak :) Ohh and a exploding bullet would be nice two! CPP Bots Multisized maps lanuage support (added, then removed due to problems in liblocale) pref window

preaplha 0.7 : CodedWombat

Windows for Robots! double buffer [did not implement, did not see the need to] more complete and uptodate docs [err... kindof :)] make the 'Add Robot' button work. do a check, if 'application/x-vnd-CodedCombatRobot' Add BSD-style lience to each of the files

preaplha 0.6 baseline 6 : CodedWombat

Firing Less fully 'inline' classes Robot Loading Basic HARD CODED Robot Creator Randomized Robot Starting Locals Rand func in Robot working All basic Robot func aviable (and hope working :)

prealpha 0.5 Baseline 5 : CodedWombat

Movement, and colision detection added. Scanning Support. Lifes and dieing. Sound support .

preaplha 0.4 : CodedWombat

Lost, so aplha no, and baseline are the same :)

prealpha 0.3 Baseline 4 : CodedWombat

movement code fixed Ablity to run hard coded VirtualObjects. edited the icons a little

prealpha 0.2 Baseline 3 : CodedWombat

Basic movement coded added, base objects completed. Docs dir added robot file added. (cmb files for cz)

prealpha 0.1 Baseline 2 : CodedWombat

As below, but with the use of zip files for resources.

prealpha 0 Baseline 1 : CodedWombat

First upload. Cocked up....